A Detailed Guide to Go Through before Picking a Car Tyre

Your driving experience and safety can be influenced majorly by choosing the correct type of tyres. Before you step out to purchase a tyre, there are numerous factors to be considered. This piece of article will guide you.

When should you have your tyre Replacement?

According to the law, tyres in many countries need replacement when the depth of Tyres tread goes below 1.6mm. This is why indicators of tread wearing are being imprinted by many tyre manufacturers on the tyre so that worn-out tread can be traced. Thus, the drivers or car owners can easily know when they should replace the tyre.

There are even certain tests that help you know the time for tyre replacement when the depth of the tread falls below 3 mm and there is a huge degradation in performance. This performance drop is more visible in case of snow and wet condition, which can be unsafe.

How Many Tyres Should Be Replaced?

All Four Tyres

If all the four tyres of your car are worn out at a time, you are quite fortunate. You must replace them altogether.

Two Tyres

You must replace the tyres on the same axle if both tyre treads are worn out. You must buy tyre of the same size, load index, speed index and type. But, the same tyre manufacturer is not mandatory.

Single Tyre

If a tyre of your car has slight wearing of the tread but the overall tyre is damaged completely, you must go for the tyre replacement immediately. You must buy the same tyre of the same company along with the same load index, speed index and size. Mounting the exactly same tyre is the safest option or else it may lead to performance issues later.


Standard tyres having a medium range of price is sufficient if you don’t cover a very long distance in a year. Otherwise, you must use a tyre of a premium brand for better mileage.

All-Season, winter, or Summer Tyre

You must have two sets four summer tyre set and four winter tyre set if you live in a place with all seasons. This, unfortunately, can’t be afforded by some people. However, you must understand that the summer tyres are not suitable for the winter season and vice versa.

If you reside in a place with mild winters, you can use summer tyres. Summer tyres will lose their features at a low temperature. Rather you must install winter tyres in winter condition.

Classification as per Tyre Performance:

Classification as per Tyre Quality:

You should not mix quality and Performance. The classification based on the quality of tyres is:

  • Lower-quality: low-quality brands are owned by some premium manufacturers
  • Mid-quality: This forms a broad group and the manufacturers own mid-quality brand
  • High-quality: They’re the Premium brands

You must follow the appropriate tyre size guide to buy tyres

The sidewalls of a tyre depict its dimensions. The new replacing tyre you purchase should have the same load index as the old tyre to be replaced as tyres are meant to carry the weight of the car itself and the passengers and luggage. The speed index indicates the maximum speed allowed for the tyre to handle. The speed index of the new replacing tyre must also match that of the old tyre to be replaced.

While buying a second-hand car, you must ensure that the previous owner has installed the same tyres as original or something less different from it. You must get the manual having original tyre dimension.

Reviews and Results

While selecting tyres, you must go through the results of various tests done by car magazines. You will never regret buying a tyre whose positive review has not been opposed by any of such magazines.


All the above tips will enable you to buy a tyre that you won’t regret buying ever. Apart from all the above advice regarding choosing tyres, you can also refer a tyre fitter to help you in buying a good tyre for your car.

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