Few Good Reasons, Why You Should Get Your Vehicle Serviced At Regular Intervals

Most motorists are in the habit of postponing their vehicle’s service, be it out of money or time constraints. While many people think servicing is mere changing of engine oil and don’t prefer visiting a mechanic until they notice a serious problem in their vehicle, this habit or preference could lead to big troubles for the individual as well as the vehicle.

Servicing your vehicle means checking the vehicles’ wear and tear, replacing or repairing the damaged parts, and changing or topping up the fluids level if required. Periodic servicing aids in identifying potential issues before they actually occur. Servicing includes essential checks of components which are critical to vehicle such as the braking system, suspension system, and engine to ensure that they obey your instructions without delay.

Besides providing peace of mind, regular servicing gives you the below listed benefits from various perspectives. Regular servicing helps you in keeping:

Your vehicle in road-worthy condition. Regular servicing allows every component to work properly so that it responds correctly as and when you need it.

Your vehicle fit to run on busy roads as it identifies the potential issues and fixes them before they become real. Any vehicle is a large and dangerous machine if any, few, or all of its parts such as brakes, tyres, wiper blades, exhaust, and suspension are worn out, or there occurs engine or gas leaks which can endanger your as well as other’s life.

Your vehicle and the environment clean by minimising the emission of harmful smoke and toxic gases (such as carbon monoxide) produced during the combustion process.

You away from hefty penalties and repair/replacement bills as it identifies the defects at the initial stage and helps fix them before they become a big, costly project.

Your trips hassle-free by preventing roadside emergencies or breakdowns.

Your vehicle’s value maintained, resulting in securing a good price during resale. Lower running cost and in saving big on fuel expenses.Your vehicle fuel efficient to bring you good mileage.all of your vehicle’s components up to date, thus increasing its life.You from failing the MOT test.

The vehicle should be serviced every 12,000 miles or 12 months. These days self-diagnostic system of most cars keeps drivers updated about due service dates. Auto Surefit suggests you don’t ignore these alerts even if its before the aforesaid time or distance. However, it is completely your decision which type out of the below listed service you opt for your vehicle:

1.Regular Maintenance: Under this type oil and filter will be replaced.
2. Interim Service: As the name suggests, this type of service is done every 6 months or 6,000 miles.
3. Manufacturer Service: It is done as per the car manual.
3. Full Service: This one is done every 12,000 miles or 12 months. Besides an engine oil change it includes an array of below listed services:

Replacement of engine oil filter
Lights, exhaust, tyres, brakes, and steering checks
Ensuring that the engine is capable of performing under worse conditions

Checking of coolant and hydraulic fluid levels

Examination of cooling system (from radiator to the pumps and hoses)

Suspensions checks
Checking of Steering alignment
Inspection of battery condition
For any type of car service motorists love to contact Auto Surefit and take advantage of world class service and various amazing offers.

Every vehicle deteriorates over time irrespective of its make and even its state-of-the-art technology. Vehicles wear at a slow pace and the owners cannot feel or notice. No question, modern vehicles are complex but their computerised system communicates about most of the problems in advance. This allows the drivers to know when to visit a mechanic and helps keep their vehicle in road-worthy condition.

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