How Long Can A Tyre Last

Everything in this world whether living or non-living has a certain lifespan. Every part of the car is it an engine or a tyre carry a specific lifespan. Tyres start wearing down right from the first day itself. By taking care of the tyres we can minimize the rate of wearing down of the tyres. The wear and tear on the tyres also depend upon the way we drive our car. But, there is one question that must have crossed every car owner’s mind, how long a tyre can last? Let’s examine this in detail.

The Average Life Of Tyres

The majority of the vehicle manufacturers recommend their customers to get their tyres replaced every 5 years irrespective of the tyre tread depth. They give such recommendations because the shelf-life of car tyres is usually 5 years. If the tyres Longridge are more than 5 years old then the rubber compound of the tyres hardens. The amount of traction required to be produced by these tyres also reduces. Thus, checking tyres regularly plays a very important role in improving the life of a tyre.

Factors That Lead to Tyre Damage 

Given below are a few of the factors that can have a damaging effect on the tyres:

Climatic Conditions: 

It may be surprising to know, but climatic conditions do affect the physical condition of the tyres. The durability of the tyres gets hugely impacted during extreme temperature conditions. The tread life also gets reduced. In places that receive heavy rainfall or snowfall, the longevity of the tyres gets greatly reduced. Constant exposure to sunlight also causes treads to wear-off rapidly.

Driving habits of car owners:

If a person smoothly drives his/her car then it has great advantages. There is an increase in the fuel economy along with tyres remaining in good condition. When either brakes or accelerators are pressed suddenly then the tyres are subjected to immense pressure this can lead to sidewalls of the tyres getting damaged. Some car owners do not pay attention to the small changes they experience while riding or handling. If these minor issues are left unattended for a long period then they can cause more severe damage to the tyres.

Physical factors:

Rubber is a major component of the tyres so it is expected that a tyre will start losing its durability irrespective of whether the tyres are being utilized or not. The tyres cannot last more than 5 years. Driving the car through rough patches and sharp objects can result in heavy damage to the sidewalls of the tyres.

Improper usage:

To ensure the durability of the tyres Tarleton, it is essential that the tyres are mixed in the right way. If tyres with the same speed capability tread pattern and load index are not mixed then it can prove to be very detrimental for the long life of the tyres.

Before buying tyres it is essential that we consult about the tyres from professional dealers and buy from reputed tyre preston. If all the things discussed above are taken care of then the lifespan of the tyres can be increased.

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