Pirelli Tyres for Your Electric Car

The constant technological advancement has led to the discovery of electric cars. This has been a sensational invention and has changed the view of the world towards vehicles. Now the demand for electric cars is constantly on the rise. The automobile industry has started to change its ways according to the new trend of electric vehicles and so traditional cars are also getting transformed into electrical automobiles.

Not just that, with this new invention, the demand for car tyres has also started seeing a shift all of a sudden. Since tyres are one of the most important components of a car, it has to be well-tuned with the type of car. The traditional tyres are not fit for an electric car. So, the tyre industry had to come up with a generation of Tyres that are eligible for electric vehicles. Let us get an idea of what Pirelli has to offer for electric cars.

About Pirelli Elect P Zero

We are all aware of the tyre brand called Pirelli Tyres as it is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. When the most interesting development has taken place in the automobile industry, how can Pirelli stay calm without making something to go with the trend? Pirelli has always been quite prompt and accommodating. This is why when the electric cars entered the market, they also started to prepare tyres for such similar cars. Matteo Battaini, who is the strategic marketing head of the company, has said “We are reacting” to the new change.

Pirelli’s Elect P Zero is one of the most popular and successful electrical tyres. This was not as simple as it seems to produce an absolute new tyre variety for a new kind of vehicle and make it a success in performance. It took years to develop such a perfect tyre for electric vehicles. A huge credit in making this possible goes to the research and development (R&D) team of Pirelli tyres that have been extremely diligent and broad in their perspective. It is an innovation even for the tyre industry. This Elect P Zero tyre has been designed carefully to fit perfectly with the built, design, balance and driving qualities of the electric automobile.

The whole process of developing the structure and design of an electric tyre took a few years in real and that too involved the cooperation of the vehicle manufacturers with Pirelli tyres. This tyre variety is different from the regular tyres in a lot many ways. The demands of an electric car are more and so it requires more power and higher output. A regular tyre if fitted in an electric car, it shall wear out too fast due to the difference in the higher levels of torque. Acceleration is much more in the electric one than a fuel-filled car.

Features of this EV tyre

The rubber quality is different from the regular ones; to be specific it is much softer. The tyre size guide is made keeping the additional weights in mind. The battery of the car is attached on the floor of it and so the sidewalls are made of hard materials to bear heavyweights.

Sound is a major factor in the case of EV tyres since the car is really quiet. Therefore the tyres need to be quieter and so “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System” is used in manufacturing Elect P Zero tyres which makes sure that the tyre is not heard at all.

The effectiveness of EV tyres is much more compared to regular tyres. This factor is essential as an EV tyre can increase the driving range of the car up to ten per cent, as stated by Battaini.

These are the few ways in which EV tyres differ from the regular tyres, and so it can be said that innovation takes more than what the world imagines.

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