Refurbish your Wheels at Home

The wheels of your car may start to look a bit gloomy after using them for a while. The continuous usage and exposure to dust and dirt can diminish the new look of your tyres as well. Your wheels may be the last component that you think of while taking into account the physical features of a car.

What most people do not know is that wheels can add a different and appealing look to your vehicle. That is why wheel refurbishments never go out of trend. But the professionals charge a hefty amount for the service. However, you can do this task at home, all by yourself. Want to know how? This article has all the information you need.

What do you need for the task?


Coloured paint



Jack stand


Colour coating

Masking tape

Cleansing material

How to refurbish the wheels?

Now that you have all the essentials needed for the process, you need to keep in mind the following steps to get the work done:

Removal of wheels

The first step is to separate the ANZIO Alloy Wheels from the vehicle. You can also proceed without detaching them but this may lead to unwanted scratches and paint spots. This will also assist you in taking the wheel to a wider space where the refurbishment can be done with ease. Always make sure to select a well-lit place for this work.

Cleansing is necessary

This is one of the most important tasks involved in the refurbishment process. Cleansing needs to be done thoroughly and with great care. Make sure to not miss even a simple spot. Dust particles will lead to a dirty base for the paint. This will eventually lead to repeating the process all over again.

The chunks of dirt need to be removed either with the help of a wooden chopstick or a similar tool along with warm and soapy water. The road dust can be easily removed but the braking dust poses a challenge. It accumulates on the wheel over time and you will have to use a special cleansing liquid for this.


After the wheel has been cleaned, you’ll need to cover it with masking tape. The alloy area needs to be visible so you will have to cover only the tyre. Before you start with the masking step, make sure that the wheel is dry. This covering is necessary to save your tyre from paint and primer. You may also have to deflate it so all the parts of the wheel are properly done.


Now you need to get your sandpaper to get rid of corrosion and flaked paint. You can use coarse sandpaper for heavy damages and later use the filler if the damages aren’t removed completely.


Your wheels make the movement possible by connecting the vehicle to the road. This also means that they attain huge damages. You will have to use a filler to cover the heavy damages and give the wheels and a smooth and clean look.

The scratch repair fillers come with different instructions depending on the brand you buy. Make sure that you follow the steps mentioned on the pack. A filler usually takes 48 hours to dry. After it has completely dried, you will have to level it using fine sandpaper. Later, you can use the coarse one as you get along with the process.


It is essential to wash the wheels before starting with the primer. Dust and dirt will malign the look of the wheel and you will not get a smooth finish. Shake the spray can well and apply 2-3 layers for the primer.


Now comes the most creative part, the painting one. It is best if you buy a rattle can as powder paint may not be as efficient as the can. Shake the can before applying, move a little away from the wheel and start spraying. The paint should only be applied when the primer has dried.


This is the final step of this wheel refining method. This stage involves coating the paint with a protective layer. This is done to ensure that the paint lasts long. The paint may take up to 48 hours to dry. Apply the protective coating after the paint has dried.

Now that all the steps have been followed, you can enjoy rides with your newly looking Alloy Wheels.

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